Friday, August 24, 2007

the effluvial plain

of our basement created these pretty cool patterns of silt deposits. Watching the water bubble up out of the drains was hypnotic and in between the moments of panic, kind of beautiful.

If it continued for millenia, and that really was silt, maybe we'd have a mountain rather than the stinky slick that's colonizing the basement right now.

Luckily, my husband thought of the camera and took these.

Very luckily, we had no tree damage. Yet.
The only casualty I could find was this ridiculously tall dahlia that just bloomed last week. I brought it in for some freshly-cut flower scent, (on account of the aforementioned stinky slick), and found this tiny, tastefully colored ladybug-type.

It took a while to realize there were two.

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