Thursday, August 9, 2007

I've always wanted to know what it would be like in the Amazon river basin..

...and now I know. Chicago has been as humid of late, and while no howler monkeys scamper in the understory, if you close your eyes in the heavy damp of the evening the locust choir takes on a tropical tone, and one can imagine. Just like it!

On to more pressing matters...
July 15th

August 9th
This is a sea holly I have in a sunny bed. I planted it last summer ('06), when just a babe.
Earlier this year (spring '07), I tried out an Echinops ritro bulb right next to it. They look a bit similar, and I figured may the better thistle win. I do this in the spring. Toss in bulbs and walk away.
One day, I will know what I've planted.
I thought this was the Echinops. But no. It is the sea holly, an Eryngium.
I think it's Eryngium alpinum, but it could be a different cultivar. Since this is the first year it's flowered, I'm not sure if the rains we've been having have done it in or if this is its natural state of decline after blooming. Aside from the swarms (see earlier post where I called it Echinops), I've been really pleased with its appearance. Except for now.

Now this plant, Japanese anemone (Anemone hupehensis), is a pal. It is not fussy. It is hardy. It always blooms.
Its dark green foliage stays healthy and a little glossy the whole season, with or without care.
It passes the gauntlet of my neglect and still manages a slight exoticism.
The only toil it requires is some periodic containment. I can handle that.


MrBrownThumb said...


You're right. Your plant does look like mine. I haven't been out in the garden during this rain and humidity because I'm under the weather and I'm dreading what I will find. From the window I can see a sunflower that need some staking but not much else in terms of damage.

KK said...

My apologies if this comment is posted twice, still getting the hang of this.
This brown sea holly is really the only damage I've noticed, aside from the monster weeds. I'm not even sure if it's from the rain.
Hope you're feeling better!