Sunday, September 9, 2007

some pig

some pig indeed, Charlotte. I wish I could come up with some kind of viable excuse as to why I haven't touched the garden in two weeks, like maybe because I'm frightened of all the killer spiders lurking in the dead zones, but I can't. Suffice to say I'm back at work and slowly accepting that summer is on its way out.
In case I was really resisting, there are funnel webs (like the one above), and orb webs nearly everywhere.
This funnel web (or grass) spider is in a prime location. He/She has taken up residence in a corner near the composter and mosquito epicenter. There is no lack of protein here.
I really don't want to disturb this compound, but those coneflowers aren't going to relocate themselves, and fall is their slated moving/decomposition date.
Fall has been slated for many a garden project, so many I am often overcome with a type of paralysis while pondering which to do first.
I will make a list. Not on post-its.
First, plant all these discounted perennials while trying to remember what the grand scheme was.
Note the Hakone 'Aureola'. $3 at the big box! The tall, purplish one is a variety of Joe Pye weed and may have white blooms. Hmmm...


Rosemarie said...

I have funnel web spiders all over my yard (and in my windows). My first year here, I got bit so many times just from sitting in the grass.

This year it was like every plant I touched had a spider sitting on top of it. I just learn to live with them. I think they eat mosquitos??

KK said...

I really hope so rosemarie. Judging by the amount of mosquitoes in the back yard, though, I'm not sure they're that hungry.