Monday, August 6, 2007

dog days, or how to save the right front bed with my 3 point plan...

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to have a place for all my garden notes and hopes and dreams, which seems to be a large part of gardening for me.
There is the practical need of having a site to place all the ideas for Next Year, a site that's easier to locate than the countless post-it notes I scribble on. There's also the need to have a site to place all the ideas I have about what I'm trying to accomplish; what sights, what smells, what kind of a place is my garden?

I have many ideas about this in March, and now, in full August heat, I'm trying to remember what those were. This is also the time when most plants in my beds seem a little pooped.
And so, on to Next Year.

This is a close up on one of the many patches of coneflower I plan to pull up. I've managed to pull up a few of the tattier ones, but I was struck by this one's white-green glow that doesn't really come across in this photo. I'm striving for more variety, but when I see so many pollinators hankering for some coneflower, I feel a little guilty yanking them out...

This right bed has a little lushness, but some of the phlox need to go. I also need to remember the no-grow zone in the front that's a favorite spot for many dogs. It took me a couple of years and many plants to figure that out.

There's still a little of the ho-hum to the front beds and while I know that most spectacular blooms are subject to pee, picking, or poking, I think it's time for a rotation.

Although I haven't had much luck in the past, I have lots of grand plans for growing from seed next spring. I'm also going to pick up as many end of the season sale pots I can. I would hate to have to resort to a life of crime to feed this little habit.

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