Friday, August 17, 2007

Bloom day, the day after the day after.

Pee gee hydrangea, Hydrangea Paniculata, I think


Yeah, I'm late. I'm always a dollar short as well. I do appreciate the blooms of the late summer plants. They're always a surprise when many others begin to look tired. These hydrangea bushes bloomed in early spring, and while not having much of a scent, they are really dependable and beautiful.

I am also a fan of most sedums. I'm going to assume most of these are 'Autumn Joy' because many of the perennials that were here when we moved in were planted by the previous owner, a landscaper. In the six years we've lived here I think I've managed to identify most of them. I realized over time that most shrubs and perennials here are very popular in the Chicago area, and pretty common. It's only fairly recently that I've gained enough confidence to change the plans a bit, and every year 'the grounds' get a little more personalized.

Ok, not exactly a bloom, but this here's my first compost! Chicago has a great subsidized composter program that offers homeowners a deal on the 'Earth Machine'.
I bought one last summer and have been diligently saving compostable food scraps since. I have also been negligent toward my bin.
I don't turn very often, and I don't keep it moist regularly. I don't even know if this is really compost. But it came from the bottom and I through it in with a transplanted lady's mantle.
If it withers and dies, I'll have to rethink my scoop of 'black gold'.
I should probably attend some compost workshop.


Carol Michel said...

Your sedum is just a few weeks ahead of mine it seems, and I have all the faith in the world that your compost will make a big difference wherever you put it.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Rosemarie said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog. I'm in the chicago area too. If you want to have your sedum bloom later, you can pinch them back all season, stopping in mid-July. Otherwise, I love your hydrangea, I'm looking to get one just like that -- maybe next year?

KK said...

Thanks Carol,I hope you're right about the compost.
Great that you're in chicago, too. Thanks for the sedum tip. I've got two and I'll try that with one.