Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I've learned

this summer about water barrels.

1. They don't have enough pressure to water with a hose, but are great with a watering can. I tried to attach a soaker hose but that didn't really soak.

2. They fill up fast in heavy rain, and can overflow without an extra hose...

3. Or even with two. This will need three hoses to really ensure no more overflows. It's amazing how quickly this fills up in a rainstorm.

This has nothing to do with barrels or rain, but I take the powers of nature wheres I can find them. I found this ant party on the front stoop:


Anonymous said...

Do your rain barrels incorporate any mosquito prevention devices? Have you had any issues with mosquitos?

KK said...

Yes. The barrels come with small openings on the top covered with a fine mesh. These clog easily.
I've noticed mosquitos around the barrel, but not swarms. This has been a fairly wet summer and there are more than usual this year.
I really don't know if there'd be way more without the mesh openings or not.

Rosemarie said...

If you don't have that long of a hose you will get decent water coming out - obviously nothing like a regular water set up but I was pretty successful walking around with the hose and watering individual plants. I also raised my barrel as high as I could thinking that would help the pressure.

Anonymous said...

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