Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's been awhile since I participated in the garden bloggers' blooms day, not for lack of blooms nor intention. Mostly for a lack of calendar-awareness.
I thought I would focus on blooms from seeds I started earlier this year.

Pansy 'Morpho Blue'

Amaranth 'Oeschberg' variety

Teeny, tiny multi-colored coleus

Castor bean plant and it's developing seed pod

Nasturtium-'Black velvet' , not quite black, but ...

And finally, the first of the tomatoes-'Cherokee purple' heirloom variety

There are also some black violas that need to re-bloom but that might have to wait 'til next time.

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Carol Michel said...

I like how you focused on the plants that have grown from seed since this spring. It is amazing how quickly a plant can grow and flower, starting from seed.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day, and I hope you contiue to be "calendar aware" so you can join us each month!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens