Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my misery, my everything

Thought I would include some photos from last year's saga of Miep (the cat) vs. squirrel.

The forces of nature are upon her again and the squirrels are in their glory. They are fearless. They've begun their pot digging and we must shut all doors and windows in defense of the pantry and Miep's food.

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Brenda Jean Hyde said...

We don't have squirrels on our property now, but we lived in the city for 9 years and they were aggressive and I was at war with them the entire time! Our neighbor was in his 90's and put peanuts out for them, which they buried in MY flowerbeds! They once chewed through a plastic garbage can I had birdseed stored in on the porch. I think I had a variety of evil squirrel. LOL