Saturday, November 17, 2007

two months?

Yes, two months. Nothing like a blog to let you know the last time you wrote. Here is a brief list of the things I've done:

-went to a 25 year grade school reunion (?!)
-finally potted the few remaining cheap perennials I picked up at the big box

-checked on the wayward tomato plant growing in the alley next to our garage. It's a testament to the very warm fall we've had and it's still hanging in there with its little yellow blossoms. If I get tomatoes in December I'm voting for Al Gore.
-planned and planned and planned for next year...but didn't do a whole lot.

One thing I did do was visit Waters Elementary School back in October. It's your classic CPS neighborhood school with a decidedly green mission. They have many programs to introduce kids and the community to an environmentally aware lifestyle, but I found their huge organic garden on site so impressive.

Here, look:

See? And these don't really give you a good sense of the scale of this.
I have a few other field trips to report on, including the inspiring soil workshop I went to today, but that will have to wait. Just hopefully not two months.

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