Sunday, November 18, 2007

field trip #2

As promised, another post! Wow, two in one weekend.
I seem to have saved up all these posts in my head and now it's time to give the imaginary blog a rest.
A few weeks ago I played hooky and visited the Chicago Cultural Center. There's a great installation of crocheted corals arranged to resemble a brilliantly colored reef. Apart from just looking really cool, this project was begun to raise the ol' awareness level of the sad state of our coral reefs as well as physically representing a non-Euclidean approach to geometry called 'the hyperbolic plane'.
This was all explained to me during a hands-on workshop where some lovely people helped me crochet my own piece of acrylic coral.
It was so well explained it actually made sense for a few minutes.
It no longer does.
But, if interested, this link will explain all...

Hopefully, these pictures help as well

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