Saturday, June 21, 2008

my own private...

Ok, maybe not my own, nor private, but still Idaho. Really lovely country. And if I knew anything about goats or cheese I'd like to herd some then make some. Or go back to our nomadic roots and gather or hunt or just make some art in caves like somebody else did (hundreds? thousands?) of years ago:

After indulging my romantic tendencies we headed a bit further west to Portland. I have no pictures but I really should have taken some to recall the gardens that just about everyone had. They were all so lush and diverse. What is it, temperate rain forest? Certain plants were strikingly different than here in Chicago. Lavender grew to my hip, and those 'marmalade' coral bells that never come back were twice as large as anything I've seen here. And the conifers...

When we returned I was struck by how Southern Chicago looked. The yard needed a machete. I guess there were a few deluges, and ten days without care caused some kind of weed revolution.
At least the tomatoes are still feisty.

I'm going to end with a dewy lupine.