Sunday, September 16, 2007

a bit tired...

It's amazing how quickly the garden gets tired, or I get tired of the garden. Either way, I'm not interested in what's happening much now. My plans are for the future.
The Karl Foerster is nice, and the goldenrod just keeps going. I'm not enjoying them so much as plotting their future. The main plan is to get rid of most weedy participants. I love Joe Pye weed, but there are three large plots of them close to a fairly busy street and I'm not sure what is contributing to their legginess more, the exhaust or the exhaust. One needs to go.
I pulled out some asters and a few phlox last week and I'm still feeling guilty.
I must muster the courage for a big coneflower push, and drastically reduce their numbers. But when I see all those Golden Finches, (that never seem ready to be photographed when I am), visiting their blackened seedheads, my inner hippy rebels.
Decisions, decisions...
In the meantime, while delaying actual physical labor, a harbinger of fall...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

some pig

some pig indeed, Charlotte. I wish I could come up with some kind of viable excuse as to why I haven't touched the garden in two weeks, like maybe because I'm frightened of all the killer spiders lurking in the dead zones, but I can't. Suffice to say I'm back at work and slowly accepting that summer is on its way out.
In case I was really resisting, there are funnel webs (like the one above), and orb webs nearly everywhere.
This funnel web (or grass) spider is in a prime location. He/She has taken up residence in a corner near the composter and mosquito epicenter. There is no lack of protein here.
I really don't want to disturb this compound, but those coneflowers aren't going to relocate themselves, and fall is their slated moving/decomposition date.
Fall has been slated for many a garden project, so many I am often overcome with a type of paralysis while pondering which to do first.
I will make a list. Not on post-its.
First, plant all these discounted perennials while trying to remember what the grand scheme was.
Note the Hakone 'Aureola'. $3 at the big box! The tall, purplish one is a variety of Joe Pye weed and may have white blooms. Hmmm...